Friday, September 10, 2010

Music Mates With My Ears

Dont you just love how, no matter WHAT mood youre in, music always seems to make you feel better about the situation?!
Like say you just had a BRUTAL fight with your man, and you feel hurt, betrayed, a little defeated coz he DID have a few good points in the argument, but most of all cheated, because he NEVER used to talk to you like that when you just started going out! - Bring out the Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis, Lady Antebellum! Not just coz you love it so much, but because you know he HATES it!!!!!
When you and a friend argue about something.... hmmm, well honestly "petty" and you just HATE her at that moment because she always thinks she knows everything! and her hair is better than yours, and her ass looks smaller in those jeans than yours - Bring out LIMP BIZKIT! limpizzle da bizzle! Nothing gives me more of an adrenalin rush than them! Then I feel like I could just go and KICK her perfect ass in that perfect pair of jeans!
When I miss the good old days, reminiscing about my childhood, at home with my parents, sometimes country music always does the trick - strange!?
And we all know what Barry White is known for!
Play that funky music people!