Thursday, August 31, 2006

For You

Everytime we touch, I get this feeling and everytime we kiss, I swear i can fly, cant you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last, need you by my side, cant you feel my heart beat slow, cant let you go, need you by my side.. *sigh*

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Girl's Night is a neccesity!!

Offcourse it is... where else can a girl offload. There's nothing better, after a long, hard, stressful, underpaid day at work, than having a glass of wine with your girlfriends! I love my girls, they undertstand me, know exactly what mood im in without me having to tell them, and know exactly what i need to get cheered up, and if you were thinking a dildo, then you would be wrong. mmmmkay? Last night we had another great girls nigth, chatted about everything, watched some tv, luckily Juan marie has PVR, so if a good flick is on, and we have something we need to say, we can pause! and then .... continue... LOL. Something i thought about, was how girls nights and boys nights differ.. with girls, you gan give them a bottle of wine, some soppy dvds, and about 3 topics, and it'll fill the night. Guys however, they always have to do SOMETHING stupid, why is that guys?? Id like to know. As for me, as long as they're laughing with me, and not AT me, im fine!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Smoking Kills

DANGER: Smoking damages your lungs; While i was drunk one night (yet again) i was pondering my box of cigarettes, and i saw this little note at the top of it. And it got me wondering, i mean, these people know the damn things are killing people, but they dont stop selling the shit!! They could just as well sell farken poison, and the imprint could read DANGER: After drinking, sudden death would occur. . . I mean honestly people!! I know im obviously not the first to complain about this. . but i was drunk and i had a brainstorm ok! I heard a story bout a guy that smoked, and he dropped his pack of ciggies while crossing the road, and when he went back for it, a bus ran him over.. so yeah, smoking does kill dammit!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The bitch is back!!

Hell yeah i am! Just to let EVERYBODY out there know, im not the fragile little girl i was a few days/weeks ago. I have had alot of support from my bitches, met lotsa new people, and all in all im just enjoying this single shit. Its not as bad as they make it sound, sure, there are a few nights when you miss the cuddling, but the freedom is just refreshing!And i love feeling so independant! Thanks for all the support from everybody, i really appreciate it, it wont be needed anymore though, im fine! These boots were made for walkin' and thats just what they'll do, and one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over YOU!!!!.....hehe. mwah mwah!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Soulmates - Is there really just one out there?

Me and a friend were discussing the topic "love" and what its all about.. very clever guy actually, didnt know men had so much brains (lol) anyway, his name is tertius (pictured above) we were talking about ppl that are together for a long period of time, and then one day just realise that its not working anymore, and give up all that time.. which shuffled us to the discussion of soulmates, and IS THERE REALLY ONLY ONE PERSON OUT THERE FOR YOU?? i think that there is.. tertius however disagreed, saying that maybe there are a few soulmates, but you have to go through them all to get to the best one? Pointing out that in biblical times men were allowed to marry more than one woman (those were the days right guys!! heehee) Im a real sucker for love. I really, honestly, truelly believe that each pot has its own lid, you cant put a cheap clicks lid on a nice amc pot, it just aint gonna fit!! People meet lots of new people, but surely the one that stands out is the one that got your palms all sweaty, and the butterflies fluttering like crazy in your tummy! That.. ladies and gentleman, is your soulmate! I have been doubting love this last period of time, but I'm sure ill get back to it again, anyways, "I love you" is an 8 letter phrase, but then again, so is "bullshit"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Id love to figure out how the human mind works, and how it decides what mood your going to be in for the day. Me, im usually a happy go lucky bitch, lately though, dunno, something's up. Its not PMS as many of my idiotic friends have pointed out, you only have pms for one week, not farken 3 weeks!! Alcohol usually eases the pain, but im not gonna keep going back to that, otherwise im gonna have to take more time out of my social agenda to go to AA meetings! I have recently hooked up with an old friend, so im not THAT single anymore, but i do think it has something to do with being alone so much of the time, as me and him dont see eachother on such a regular basis.. To me Sadness is a beautiful thing, it helps you express your emotions, but why does it have to hurt so much?...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


You get a whole variety of lovebites, you get the lovebite between the husband and wife.. completely innocent. Then you get the lovebite between the husband/mistress, which in my opinion, the mistress put there, to try and frame the poor man.. lol .. go girl! then you have the lovebite of young love.. you know when youve just met that special person, and you cant stop giving it to them.. every time u see eachother u hafta mark the territory, leave a lovebite, then ppl will know ur taken.. sigh, i miss those days. My bitch friends have new boyfriends, and they have lovebites everytime i see them, new ones all over the show, "ohhh, look at the one on my boob!!" "thats nothing, check out this one above my eye!!" LOL! Im jealous. I hope one day ill get a guy that can make me so silly inlove again. Single is better for now, always have the vacuum cleaner for that lovebite look...

Old School friends - Keep 'em or lose 'em?

I'm gonna need some verification on this one. Remember when all of us were still in school, and you had your friends, (matric specifically) these were the friends that you worked on for the 5 years that you were actually in high-school. Remember the chats you had with them the last couple of days before you finished your final exams. "all of us are gonna stay in touch right?" "dont forget to call and visit" "we have to have annual girls nights" PFFFT! Bullocks! the photo on the right is a photo of one of my old primary and high school friends, we are still good friends, just dont visit as often as were supposed to, most of the old friends are married now, or they have kiddies (that you dont even know of untill you see them) I personally think its wrong, and think that guys should stay in touch for as long as possible. Its a cruel world out there, with alot of bad things that are gonna happen to you, and the true friends, are the ones that have been with you all along, while you were growing up, dont let them go. Friends are our guardian angels.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Juan-Marie IS hot!! (non lesbo way)

Somebody has really upset my friend! and i am ORDERING you to apologise! hehe, not really. but seriously guys, juan is a hottie k, dont mess with her, you dont want her to break a nail on you!I have no idea who this so called Koning Rosekrans is, but i dare you to reveal yourself, you shall win a date with the lovely Juan-Marie. hehehe. Really, you will!

Alcohol is BAD....Repeat....BAD

Wow, what a night.. started the evening of as usual, Juan-marie came to my place, hair and shit already done, Debs made us late again "AS USUAL" luckily we met all the other ppl there, otherwise Juan wouldve had a panic attack! Took our usual dosage of "drink till you drop" but went a bit overboard.. the first 10 minutes had me dropping it like its hot! hehe. Juan marie was also drunk as usual, and Debs (i have alcoholics for friends) the club, that was referred by a friend, was totally boring, and died fast, nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves and partied up a storm. Hope to have many more, but im sure all of us couldve done WITHOUT the hangovers the next day for work! Oh, and we missed the strippers, THANKS DEBS!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

HaPpY BiRtHdAy SkAnK!!

My best skank turned 22 today, juan marie..... happy happy birthday skank!! Now Juan marie is the man - eater one, thats her on the pic on the left there, but i guess you can just see that shes a tough ass! hehe! I hope you have many more babes, and i hope youre going to enjoy tonight!! Im sure you'll look as sexy as ever! Will keep you guys updated and try to post some pics tomorrow. I will be taking bets via msn. to see who can get juan marie to vomit first, who can get her drunk enough to moon somebody, and who can get her drunk enough to kiss debs... hehe! wo'eva!Feel free to post any prezzies you might have for her, to me.. i *promise* i will give it to her.. no really.. really.. anyways bitch! love ya to death! hope your day was fantastic, and your nights gonna be even better (well shes gonna see some willy on the strippers, so im sure it will) Love ya skankin ho! mwah mwah!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? Or is it? Try and be honest with yourself, when youre going out with your friends, looking for some talent, what is it that youre actually looking for, are you scoping the room for personality, or simply checking it out for the chick with the shortest skirt and nicest legs, or guy with the hottest ass? Be honest people! If you answered on the second one then please do me a favour, hit your head as hard into your pc screen as you possibly can!!! I mean, really! so the guy/girl is hot, with no more personality than the office stapler.. but that doesnt matter, as long as the damn arm candy is there. Think about the long term.. Picture it, youre both married.. in your 50's, sitting on the front porch watching the sunset.. The hot legs arent there anymore, the boobs are hanging down over the bellybutton, and the ass is non existent!! And to top it all off theres no farken personality either.. Take this as a warning please! Dont go for looks people, go for whats inside.. thats what you really need.. Somebody with a sexy ass isnt gonna make you feel better on a bad day, but somebody with passion and love, they'll do a damn great job!

A toast to losing the excess baggage

One of my close friends once quoted a Jerry Mguire movie, to explain to me what love is NOT about. It was the well known phrase in the movie, where Renee Zellweger tells Tom Cruise "You Complete Me!!" He explained that NOBODY completes you, you are your own person, and after thinking about it, it made a heck of alot of sense.. You dont need somebody else to make you seem more unique, you can do that all by yourself.. I guess thats what i was afraid of, of losing the other part of me.. and i suppose I was still holding on a little, too scared to lose it completely. But Ive come to the realisation that I CAN make it on my own.. and im sure theres a whole lot of shit im gonna find out about myself that i never knew.. Im hoping most of its good. Thank you Jonathan..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


HEHE.... yeah, men out there be warned, coz sam's in town... this blog was inspired by Nelly Furtado's latest song, which my friend Juan marie is absolutely addicted to, we'll get into the car, and she'll be all like, Play number 3, play number 3!! strange how a song can give you so much confidence, really strange! Ive checked her out, she'll sit there in her seat, and check all the guys out with this, "dont mess with me, im a damn bitch" look on her face.. so cute, but also very silly! LOL. The guys find it hot, coz she usually gets alot of flirts, complete the opposite what she was looking for, coz shes trying to put fear into these little boys! Just like when X-tina's Dirrrty came out in about 2002 ( i think) all the good girls suddenly became total skanks when that song was on.. really really strange.. wonder if they have stuff in the music that hypnotizes people.. that would be wicked.. hehe *evil grin*

Lizzy wants to auction herself of...

Ok guys... heres a once in a lifetime chance.. crazy chick, single, looking for fun and loving, if you want more info, msn me or leave a comment! lol. Stats;
Age: 23
Eyes: Green/Blue
Hair: Always Different
Name: Lizzy
Looking For: Fun

Designated Danelle

You know when you wanna go party a bit, had a tough week, just need to relax, get a bit wasted, forget all about your troubles etc etc. but then theres always that one problem.. Who the hell is gonna drive? Coz u know ur gonna be drunk outta your mind, and your not even gonna know how to open the car door! Thankfully for me and my girls... we have one of the best, most responsible girlfriends in the world, Danelle, she is the one with the red on this pic. The other one as you all know is Lizzy.. she aint looking so good here, a few jagerboms too many, lol!Danelle doesnt like dancing and drinking as much as the rest of us, but shes always first to offer her services and help out her friends, 'specially when she knows Debs might be driving, coz Debs is like farken Hitler behind a steering wheel! LOL. Nel, I know you are reading this skank, i just wanna tell you, thank you for being a bitch close to my heart! and being like my older sis, always keeping an eye out for trouble for me, you always do! "matric holiday" hehe! your a friend in a million and I'd never trade you for anything! Love you skank!

I taught your boyfriend that thing you like......

Chicks really need to get over themselves.. What is it with girls that think that every other chick is after their man, i mean, ok, so you have a reaaaly hot boyfriend, but that doesnt mean that every single chick is gonna want him, I know I dont! I mean, me for example. i dont like super - hot guys, coz u know u wont have a problem there. Girls that go out with these Calvin Klein lookalikes, are just asking for betrayal and heartache! When your guy spends more time than you infront of the mirror, you HAFTA be suspicious, come on! if thats not a dead giveaway, then you DESERVE to be bitch slapped.. Look further than the sexy smile, the alluring eyes and the pecks chickies, once you get to that part, which is actually the most beautiful.. youll see you found yourself a keeper! Personality biatches! I take my hat of, ok ok, i dont wear hats, I take my sunglasses off to you guys, you are true gems! Much Respect!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Love Comes First

Im dedicating this blog to my friend Natasha (Nats) and her boyfriend Chris (Soutie) they met a while ago...tasha was the type of girl in school that was anti-boys..groupie at heart, avid Westlife fan.. LOL ..memories man! We never thought shed actually get a boyfriend, the guy that could come between her and WL, wow, he had to be something special...then along came this soutie, i didnt think hed last, really didnt look like her type..but love prevailed..tasha found happiness in the place she never wouldve thought of looking..her heart.. and her heart opened up for chris, believe me, they make the best couple, and are such an example to look up to, here's to you two "koeks" many more prosperous years for you, and soutie, you aint too bad either! mwah guys!


Well, this Monday turned out great....came into work feeling really tired, wishing i had a longer weekend, the bags under my eyes proving that, LOL but then i read something really beautiful...and i just wanna say, thank you sooo much, I never thought i could be touched by words the way i got touched by that.. You know who you are. I wish i knew you personally. You are what every single chick in this universe needs, im on a trip because of what you said, and im sure its gonna last for a long time.. I hope your for real though.. you are beautiful....Thank you.

Now everyone can fly, now everyone can fly KULULAAAAAA...

I have got to be the biggest kulula fan in the world..dont fly with them coz theyre cheap, or whatever, I fly kulula air ladies and gentleman, because i LOVE their jokes...still remember the first time i flew with them, and the pilot/air hostess very calmly said: in case of an accident, place your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye! Gotta love it!! Anyway, the reason im talkin bout kulula is coz im flying with them again in Sept', me and Hennie booked our flights bout 3 weeks ago, so now we HAVE to go, we might end up dating again when we get back, will keep you guys updated. Miss him lots though, maybe were just meant to be, i dunno..You never know what you've got in your guy, till you lose it....

When Girlfriends go BAD

What the hell is up with girlfriends these days!? So i have this one friend Debs, right, weve been friends since like. forever. played hockey together in school....great friends...but now, Ms. Debs has got a boyfriend, and all of a sudden i dont matter no more..and believe me, im not the jealous type of friend, im really happy for her, but i had a boyfriend all the years we were friends, and i ALWAYS made time for her..i could distinguish between time with my man, and time with my friends..she cant though..cant remember the last time we had a real visit, just like old times, dom pedro at hand, talking 'bout the most meaningless shit...You dont realise what your girlfriend means to you, till she stops calling, visiting, chatting, giving mini-makeovers...*sigh*

Friday, August 11, 2006

For a dear Friend

I dont wanna fall to pieces, I just wanna sit and stare at you
I dont wanna talk about it,
And i dont want a conversation, I just wanna cry infront of you

Coz Im inlove with you, im inlove with you, im inlove with youuuu....

Bid or Buy

Right peeps....The bidding starts at.....
R 244,000-00, yip, sounds fair....i need a new car......On the right is Evelyn..oldest sister of Sam and Lizzy.....about 1.5m , weight: ____ she would TOTALLY kill me, LOL! blonde hair, hazel eyes...can cook, can wash and clean.....has mood swings uncontrollably, but once you taste the food that wont seem so bad. You'll learn to live with it. She is a die hard romantic......very loveable.....Riiiiiiiiight.........think thats about all you guys have to know......Lemme know kk. Bidding starts right now...
Terms and conditions apply, once you have won the bet, Evelyn will be handed over......with her boyfriend Juan......thank you for supporting me.

"Playa's" and how they're going down...

You know what they look like....the guy at the other end of the dancefloor, cheeky grin on his face....standing there like "he's all that" when they pass you, you almost choke on the over usage of their male, i dont know whats up with that, but ive come to the conclusion that it might be their way of trying to get the smell of all the other lady lova's of know, saves a heck of a lot more time than a bath. Observe my picture on the left, *Alan is on the Left, whilst Lusty Latino *Tertius is on the Right.....this, ladies and gentleman, is the true picture of a "Playa"Hugh Heffner doesnt stand a chance against these two. Ive never understood what the hell was wrong with guys and commitment... I mean, who really wants to die alone, im sure i dont wanna! But ive sortof figured them out.... see, guys also has this thing called "self-esteem" same as us girls, and another thing, they treasure much more, are their egos....Now, once the self esteem, and ego are crushed, man no longer has a reason for being....thus, breaking the "Playee's" self esteem they think thats all us girls are there to do..... we just need loving guys, cuddling ya'know. wouldnt u like somebody by you 24/7, to rub your back when it pains, or to tickle your ear and whisper sweet nothings in it? come on, it sounds great... Fortunately for us, the chicks have evolved....and the men are going down. So enjoy it while it lasts boy's....there are many new technological things that can please a woman, your recycable for us......we dont hate you for what you do, but wish you'd they say...."Dont hate the playa...hate the game...."

Afrikaans is back baby!

I dont care what any of you guys say, i still say, Karen Zoid is one of the biggest reasons that afrikaans music is where it is today. Take me for instance, i USED to HATE afrikaans music, remember how i used to cringe when my mom and dad listened it over weekends, or driving on our way to was disgusting! Made the road seem so much longer than it actually was, and i am saying this, knowing that i am an afrikaner, but still, i would rather do homework than listen to Sonja Herholdt, or whoever.....The afrikaans bands of today are be"f*k" I love it, if you look at statistics, you'll find that national afrikaans bands are selling much more than english ones....afrikaans is the new "english" LOL dont mean to upset anybody by saying that...but come on guys, a few years ago afrikaans was dying out, and look at it now!! Karen's lyrics as well, are awesome, some of the songs she may have lost the plot a bit, but most of them are excellent! Especially the ones from her new cd "media" Another band that has all my respect is "Klopjag" now i know most people dont even know them, but they are absolutely without question, a local band that is going to go far, maybe even further than "Just Jinger" went a few years ago, they have already been overseas, to perform a few gigs there. John Henry is my favourite guy in "klopjag" hes the skinny guy, that wears glasses, that looks like a half "china-man" if you appreciate your afrikaans music, go out and buy their latest cd, Klopjag 3, i can assure you, you wont be disappointed guys! Afrikaans is coming back!

This be muh bitch!

Everybody knows Lizzy by now... the naive sister, the one with too much air from blow dryers in her head (hehehe) anyways, she was quite miffed with me yesterday, as she had read the previous blog on Sisters: friend or foe, and apparently i had let her sound very bad in it.. I do sincerely apologise my 'lil booh. Me and Lizzy are the closest of the sisters, mainly, because i think we shared a room when we were VERY young...the good 'ol days....even now that were grown up, and going our separate ways, we still make an effort to go clubbing together, or just get "dronk" and silly together. She is the type of drinker, that gets EXTREMELY loud when she has had one too many of her famous "grunbergers's" declaring her undying love for her "little sis" (me) and shes always all up in your face....kissing you like shes a farken bulldog! Party animal of the family, thats the status I'd give her.She taught me most things that i know...and thats why im in shit most of the time, coz its all the things ur not supposed to do...."come on sam, take a puff of this cigarette, nobody will know...." LOL, everybody did find out though......When im an ooooold lady, telling stories to my grandkiddies, most of them will revolve around crazy aunt Lizzy.......but i do know that most of them are going to be great stories......with many more to come....I love you my booh.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

SiNgLe AnD rEaDy 2 MiNgLe....

Yep peeps, im alone...first time in 9 yrs. Thanks for all the advice you guys gave me, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? It feels kinda scary, weve had lotsa fights, and not spoken like for a day or two, but this is serious. Im kinda looking forward to it as well, as im gonna be able to meet alot of new ppl now, maybe make some new friends, concentrate more on my poems and songs, finally figure out how that farken guitar works!! hehehehe! who knows, i might be famous in a few weeks! Look out for my cd in the shops y'all! Thanks again to all my friends who have supported me, and are still gonna support me through all this. Everything happens for a reason guys, what doesnt break you, only makes you stronger right!

A Tribute to the Youth Of The Nation...

Id like to think that our future is in good hands.. then again, when you look around and see what the farken kiddies of today look like, and how they're behaving, its only natural to get a quick mini melodramatic heart - attack!If you thought George Bush was bad, u aint seen nothing yet! I hafta give them credit for the things they "might" discover, coz look at all the brilliant stuff we have discovered thusfar... they might try to help aids and come up with a re-usable condom! hehehehe!! lasts up to 7 shags longer!!!! wahaha. dont know about u guys, but im worried...

SISTERS: Friend or Foe?

Ive been giving this one alot of thought!...what is a sister actually? The enemy, the confidant... WHAT??? After having done multiple studies (and by studies i mean pissing them off to see how long it takes till they flip their lids) i have come to the conclusion that your sister, is whatever YOU make of her.....yes my dear friends, the power is entirely in your own hands. I have two sisters, love them both to death, and would do anything for them. I am the youngest one of the 3 kiddies, but that doesnt make me the most naive, not at all. Evelyn a.k.a Siesie/Lien is the oldest of the 3, above left. She is the sister that can be pissed of most easily, as she is most mature, due to her age. She is the "example" child in families, "why cant you be more like your older sister??" You were never allowed to play with her and her friends, coz that would make her seem "uncool" she never played barbies with you, coz she was a "big girl" even though she's only 2 years older than me dammit! I remember an incident, where i irritated her sooo badly, she threw me with a was scary then, but now its just good memories...i had nightmares of gem-squashes attacking me..seriouslly, it was scary shit. (come to think of it, she should pay for most of my pshyciatrist appointments as ive now figured out it was because of her i had to go!!) Anyway, enough kidding around, I do love her dearly, she is an inspiration to me, my role model...I look up to her when i think about what i want to achieve in life...which brings me to Lizette a.k.a Lizzy/My booh, above right...what a maniac!!!! the middle sister, the one I always got into shit with, she always assured me that it would be ok, and we wouldnt get into trouble, how wrong i was for believing her!! i think she has a few screws loose though, i blame that mostly for her being a hairdresser, and for toooo much of the air from the hair-dryers going to her head. Nonetheless, i love my booh, dont think of her as a role model, shes more like a "warning" sign. Which shows us that all relationships are different, its how much work you put into them, that makes them beautiful. I love you my 2 bitches, forever!

Sunset at Pongola

Come beautiful is that. What boggles my mind is that after all this beauty, there are ppl that still dont believe in God..I took this pic while we were on holiday, early in June, just recently passed it on my pc again. The first thing that comes to mind is "breathtaking" coz it literally takes my breath away. I just wanna paint when i look at this pic, i feel like picasso... hehehe. People are so consumed in their jobs, and theyre sports and their ps2 (pffffft) to stop and appreciate beauty such as this... when ur driving again, stop, really stop...and take a look. you might be surprised at the things that have ALWAYS been there, but youve never seen before...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

When it hurts soooo bad..............

Me and my guy have been together for 9 years now... and YES I'm damn serious, why would i lie about that!! we met in standard 5, 1997, in biology class...and NO we werent busy discussing anatomy! My problem however is, that since we have been together, he hasnt matured at all, hes stayed that same little standard 5 boy, me however (believe it or not) ive become a grown lady(LOL) Im ready to settle down, and have a few kiddies, even though i am only 22 years old, i want to be a young mommy. but all he thinks about, is his car, or if his sound is better than his friends, or the latest ps2 game thats out....and the most ironic part of it all is, that i bought him all those stuff, either for his birthday, or christmas, or anniversary....ive damned myself...why are men like that? damn technology and all that shit...hold ur girl..thats all she wants!!

Life is like a blowjob, if you dont swallow what comes ur way its gonna hit u in the face....hehehe

Wow, so i do have a brain, never thought id be able to get this farken thing up, thanks for helping me gremlin, thanks for your patience justin!!!! *sarcastic* some of us are just born stupid ok, nothing we can do about it............but in the end, all of us DO indeed me, sam, once blonde, once stupid, once neglegted with no love from brainy ppl......has eat your hearts out!!!!!