Monday, November 11, 2013

Going to the Chapel . . .

In exactly 43 Days I will be standing infront of that chapel - the doors will be closed - and waiting on the other side will be my soulmate . . . . 

I have NO IDEA what to expect - tears of joy, tears of happiness, panic, emotional wreck?!
I have been dreaming the most insane stuff! but I am sure all brides go through this, PLEASE, tell me all brides go through this????? Ive heard from most of my friends that they do - and other brides have no idea what I'm talking about! From walking down the aisle in my pj's or with wet hair - to forgetting about my wedding day completely and oversleeping *frowns* it must be these last few days working on me . . . .  thats all it is.

Because at the end of the day, i have no doubt, or worry, or fear that I am marrying the wrong man . . . . we have waited this long my love, and our day is finally arriving - I want to say "slowly but surely" but Goddamn its going quick! Im too scared to blink!

Were almost there babe :)