Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Beginnings

WOW! So much has changed in my life YET AGAIN :)

Its so good to come back to blogger every now and then to see where you are in your life now compared to where you were back then (back then meaning - your last post) Mine was June 2011, and here I am, in 2012 - still ALIVE (Till the 21st December if the Mayans are correct - baahahahahah)

Me and my man are finally getting our own house - no more living in a box / on the street / on friends cockroach couches / paying off other peoples rent bills etc etc. (hahahah) We are buying our own place, and I am THRILLED! cannot wait to make my house a "Home" <3

On abovementioned post from June 2011 I see that I stated I had stopped drinking - Well, SCRATCH that! hahaha. Life is far too boring and short to live it sober. Just do it responsibly though.

Have a good one guys!