Thursday, November 30, 2006

Resolution To What?.......

Yip, its about that time of year again... people all over are making up their lists for their new years resolutions.. The whole thing is quite stupid to me... why do you need to make a list about what you want to stop doing.. why not just do it? By making the list, everybody knows about all the stuff you've sworn off, and will keep reminding you that you're never gonna be able to do it, demotivating the crap out of you.. and anyway, why wait till a new year starts.. there is no better time than the PRESENT.... but what is understandable is the fact that we are all only human... so were allowed to be stupid every once in a while. I'd like to stop smoking, what would be the top 3 on your lists?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Happiness is waking up beside you,
its all the little things that you do,
like the way you smile,
the way you look at me,
these things make living worthwhile,
these things make me happy,
the way you gently stroke my face,
at any time or place,
or when you kiss my forehead,
and the cute things you've said,
Happiness is knowing you're mine,
and you'll be there for me all the time,
and that you love me too,
just as much as I love you,
Happiness is seeing your face,
making my heart beat at a faster pace,
Happiness is something true,
Happiness is.....well....YOU...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Till Cheating do us part....

Marriage is such a beautiful thing... but more and more people are doing it for all the wrong reasons.. which is such a pity if you think about it.. I have been dreaming about my wedding since I was a little girl... I know EXACTLY what everything is gonna look like, and Im sure all women had that same dream as little girls.. but each day you hear about people who havent even been married for a year, then they get caught cheating... marriage is supposed to be sacred... If you marry somebody, you have made a commitment to stay loyal to that person... If you feel that you HAVE to cheat atleast do it before you get married, to avoid causing too much pain afterwards... you shouldnt actually cheat at all, but yeah, were only human... Most people say that they cheated, because they just wanted to make sure that they were making the right decision before they "tied the knot" Let me get one thing straight here... The moment you say "yes, I will marry you" you have made the right decision... you have decided that you love that person, and only want to be with him/her for the rest of your life... If you had doubt, you shouldve said, "lemme think about it".... but you said "yes" ok... kapish.... am I getting through to you here....?? If it were to happen that you got married one day, and you caught your spouse cheating... what would you do?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Emotion has an expiry date... and it seems as though mine is almost done...
I dont feel anything..... Im emotionally numb
I blame you mostly, youre behind it all
Youre behind my heartache, youre behind my fall
I used to be full of smiles... I havent had any, for a while
My eyes were bright and used to shine, but all that faded aswell, in time
The worst is you dont even know this, youre living your life in perfect bliss....
Specially written for D.J who will never get to read it... asshole

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lifes Lessons....

All through our lives we get little tests.... Like when youre a little kid, and its the day before your birthday.. and you KNOW your prezzies are in your parents room, hidden in one of the cupboards... but you KNOW you cant look... but you so badly want to.. but as you get older, the tests get more difficult.. Ive been finding it hard to figure out these tests.... and the lessons that have to be learned from them, I dont get the concept at all... You think youre making the right choice, when in the end it just comes back and kicks ya in the ass! If "life" itself was a test, Id sure as hell fail it.... no chance there for me.... even if they converted my points to lower grade.... Oh what the hell am I babbling about! Sh!t.... SHuT up SaM~!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

When I was younger, I always dreamt of being a Vet... I even had plans of opening up a hotel for dogs, with their own individual "hotel rooms" for when their owners went away... sadly I changed my mind after losing one too many dogs that I loved, my last one being "snoopy" the most beautiful Cocker Spaniel who died last year, at the age of 15 years.... he shared everything with me.... It was like he was my guardian angel.... waited with me till I turned 21, and then God took him... Anyway, I couldnt see myself having a life where I would have to put out sick animals.. I dont have the heart. Another life long dream of mine was to become an Archeologist.. that dream was also dashed when my teacher told me my Marks in school are looking so bad that the only place I'll be able to dig one day will be in my backyard...hehe... Im happy at my job that I have at the moment... its not my dream job, but I have realised that many people havent got the jobs they always dreamt of... What was your dream job?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Gru"uuuuuuuuuuu"dge

Watched it with Hennie yesterday..... The storyline itself is stupid, but the scary parts in the movie make you jump out of your seat!! Im a horror movie freak, and I love anything scary, Hennie however (bless his chickenshit little soul) HATES scary movies.... I felt sorry for the guy infront of us, as he got a kick in his back with every single scary part.... The atmosphere with the other movie - goers was great.. .as everybody screamed together with all the scary parts, and laughed at eachother when they saw the person next to them jumped higher. I wouldnt recommend this movie to people that like stories with a message in it... coz this movie was just plain "deurmekaar" however, if you like thrillers, that make you sit on the edge of your seat, and want to cover your face with your hand but still peak through.... watch it.... really...take a brave friend!!

Dont Drink and Drive.....PLEASE...

I went to a party and remembered what you said, You told me not to drink Mom, so I had sprite instead, I felt proud of myself, the way you said I would, That I didn't drink and drive though some friends said I should, I made a healthy choice and your advice to me was right, As the party finally ended and the kids drove out of sight, I got into my car, sure to get home in one piece, I never knew what was comming, Mom something I expected least, Now I am laying on the pavement and I hear the policeman say"The kid that caused this wreck was drunk", Mom his voice seems so far away, My own blood is all around me, as I try hard not to cry, I can hear the paramedic say, "this girl is going to die, I am sure the guy had no idea while he was flying high, That because he chose to drink and drive, now I would have to die, So why do people do it Mom? Knowing that it ruins lives, And now the pain is cutting me, like a hundred stabbing knives, Tell sister not to be afraid, Mom tell Daddy to be brave, And when I go to heaven, put "Daddy's Girl" on my graveSomeone should've taught him it's wrong to drink and driveMaybe if his parents had, I'd still be alive, My breath is getting shorter, Mom I am getting scared, These are my final moments, I am so unprepared, I wish that you could hold me Mom, as I lay here and die I wish that I could say "I Love You Mom"So that's it "I Love You, Goodbye"

Monday, November 13, 2006

I Hate Loving you........

I dont get why people fall inlove with somebody who doesnt feel the same.... Is this natures way of torturing us? By rubbing it in our faces that things with that person will never work out, even though we KNOW so well that we could be that persons perfect partner... Its just a slap in the face for me..... Ive seen it happen too many times not to notice it... How can something that feels soooo right be soooo wrong.... You love that person with everything you have.. and they dont notice you? WHY? Its all very vague to me...... and unfair, and selfish, and discriminating, and... and... WRONG!! The last time I went through this was in primary school... but i have been faced with it many times this year... I have friends who fall for all the wrong men... who get broken hearts more often than they change their panties.... Would you guys pursue somebody who didnt feel the same about you.... even though it meant that it would lead to you stalking them (heehee) or would you let bygones be bygones... how is it, that somebody that you love soooo much can break your heart... but you still love them with every BROKEN piece?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Speak up..Shout out....

Me and some friends were visiting earlier this week, when we started discussing the state that South-Africa was in today.... and as most of you guys guessed, it was a damn scary topic. Yesterday a colleauge who works with me, showed me a article in the newspaper, of a 6 week old puppy that had been raped.... a PUPPY for crying out loud!! What kind of sick monster rapes a puppy..... Its starting to get ridiculous... We started talking about what we would do if we were raped or hi-jacked.... and all of a sudden it turned into a huge debate... Juan-Marie said that, she read somewhere, if a man tries to rape you, all you should do, is grab him between the balls and squeeze as hard as you possibly can... and try to get away... but I pointed out to her, that there could be more than one, and what do you do in a situation such as that one... She replied that she would just give herself over... and lay there, and obey all their instructions... she thought that this would be a way to ensure that she gets out of the situation alive... me however.. NOT A F*CK!! That is one thing I will never do! And this is the reason why my mother also prays that I am never involved in either a hi-jacking or rape scenario... I have spoken to her about this, and told her, that IF it should happen that one day I get killed in a situation like that, she doesnt have to worry that I wimpered and cried like a baby (she does'nt like me talking about it and always tries to change the subject) I will fight for my life, and my livelyhood... I wont just lay there like Juan-Marie would... even though it is the safest thing to do... but that just isnt me. I will go down, knowing that I have fought for what I believe in.. I wont hand over something that I have been paying my ass off on (eg: car) just because these cowards are holding a gun to my head, no SIR! I will fight, and if I die in the process, atleast I know I will have died in pride... and knowing that I fought to stay alive, and not just giving in to the bastards.... What would you guys do?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Life without Love

In my most HONEST opinion, I think that without a bit of love in this world... Life would be a *B!tCh* I know there are still a few people out there who are single, my advice to you is "hang on" all good things in life are worth waiting for.. but for those ones that have love... cherish it. I cant imagine my life without having that special person that you share everything with. When you're having a bad day, and suddenly that person calls, and everything just seems sooo much better... you feel reassured.. Or when it rains on the weekend.... Theres nothing better than staying in, under the duvet, nice hot bowl of popcorn, and nestling your head into your guys neck... Even when you go to the movies... just to hold eachothers hands while watching... Late night chats before going to bed.... cuddling for a few extra minutes before you have to get up.. being eachothers pillars of strength in times of need... being BEST friends... being soulmates.. being everything you can be to that person and more... Soft kisses in the rain *sigh*... Love is beautiful.....really.... It is...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oh I wish I was a PuNkRoCkEr!

Yeah Yeah, its a real ooold song now already, but I love that song...... I feel like a hippy everytime I hear it..... Strange that.... that a song can make you lose all your inhibitions... Sandie Thom rocks! I wonder if she was high when she wrote it..... (heehee) Im not saying all people have to be high when they write songs, i was simply questioning the fact (and I know Naps is going to have something to argue about here again) I also like Fergies new song "London Bridge"..... What songs do you guys like? If you like music at all?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Office Idiots

I know for a fact I'm not the only one who hates them... these are the people at your work who have the big name positions, with the nice cars, all the perks, and the HUGE salaries! Meanwhile, all the little co-workers, who do all their work for them, drive the regular cars, have ther regular "oh my gosh how am i gonna make it through the month" pay. I think this is VERY unfair... and I just wish somebody could do something to stop this.... I'm sure once all the little people leave, the company will crumble to pieces anyway, as the Big-Wigs dont have a clue whats going on anyways!!! What do you guys think, do you think your work is fair toward you?

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Breathless in an oxygen filled world...My heart feels as though it may stop any second.. Your eyes linger in my mind..Your lips reveal your soul.. What is this feeling... My emotions toward you are so strong.. and it has an eager anticipation for your presence .... Sometimes, it even makes me feel sick.....Define sickness in a healthy body; Clouds of mist hang over my heart, fog surrounds my lungs....whilst pain strikes at my head.. like thunder strikes at earth... my emotions keep grinding at eachother....should i follow my Head or my Heart!?!? My head tells me your soul is more desperate than mine, whilst my heart obsesses that I wouldnt be able to live without you.. though I'm sure I could.... I need to break free from my feelings... I need to be my own individual... I need to be ... ME

Accepting X-mas gifts as of TODAY......

Yip yip yip...... Its that time of year again.... 52 days left for christmas guys, and I'd just like to let y'all know that I will be accepting gifts as of today... so feel free to start sending them kk!? For those of you that dont know me THAT well, Ill give you a few ideas... Anything thats pink is cool, I dont like expensive gifts (Ill make an exception for the Audi on the left) I like little gifts, that are hidden, and wrapped up in funny shapes and sizes... hehe.. Im really the most excited person when it comes to Christmas, my friends always give me flack about it!! Especially when all the lights and decorations go up in the me, its the one time in the year when people are loving, caring and is true that the whole meaning of Christmas has been lost amongst all the advertising and crap... but me, I still know what I'm celebrating.. and Ill NEVER forget...... Oh well.... as for you guys, what would you like for Christmas, the sky is the limit.....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Surrender to your love

I feel as though i have been sucked into a tunnel, my world is getting darker, deeper, stiller... What is wrong? I feel empty, like a hollow house, broken hearts, stolen dreams... My head spins, it spins round and round, faster and faster. Is there really light at the end of the tunnel? NO, there is no light at all!! The only light that you're able to see is blurred.. No hopes and dreams are found there... Disaster and Hate is more readily available... what did we do to deserve this... why do our hearts need to be slain... My breathing is a huge cloud of fog...Visions of my past fly past aggresive hurricanes....yet I feel no pain..I just sit there in sorrow, my poor heart must be made of steel... Why dont I love him?! My feelings seem to be trapped in a cage of deceit, my heart keeps telling me lies...I am not who i think i am..I have lost everything that was important to me..Now my only comfort is material possesions... How can a life be lived this way... My tunnel finally stops.......BUT WHERE......