Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

Would'nt say I believe in Halloween, but I like getting dressed up in funny costumes! Heehee! Heres wishing you all a happy, scary Halloween, hope you guys have great costumes, and get alot of Candy for all your effort... while were on the subject, does anybody know what Halloween is all about, coz im afraid I have no clue... yeah yeah, im silly ok! Live with it! and what does the pumpkin resemble? Put on those thinking caps.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Tasha!!!

Hehehe... Tash had her party on Saturday... and as always... we had a FANTASTIC time.. Anybody who knows me and my friends, know that were very young at heart, were like a bunch of toddlers!! Every party we have, needs to have a jumping castle ok! and NO, not for the young kiddies.... just for US!! (Its not the years that count, its what you do with them) I was stuck on my usual poison, and Tasha was sipping on her Amarula the whole night, later we moved onto Tequila.. we teamed up with the guys, and made Survivor teams, using the Jumping Castle as our Island!! WHAHAHAHA! Anyway, each team was given a full jug of water, and whoever came back from the course with the most water would win, and the losers would have to drink Tequila.. Im sure you guys can guess what happened... yip... the girls lost. Juan marie was up second, as she ran up the jumping castle she slipped and rolled down, when she gave it another try, se completely lost her grip and threw out all the water over her shirt!! haha!! Later on they thought it would be funny to shove her into the pool too!! Not a happy camper!! Other than that, it was really great and fantastic, and fun was had by all! Cant wait for the next party! Oh, and Cat, sorry 'bout bumping your head! (If you can even remember) It was REALLY an accident! !! Hehe, Viva Le Grunberger!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Yeah I did!

Had a girls night again yesterday.... man, I love these things... I love my girls! Always feel so much better after spending the night talkin' to them about ANYTHING and EVERYTING over a glass (or 4) of Grunberger, hehe! Hey! The wine relaxes me dammit! DONT JUDGE ME!! Anyhow, yesterday we were talking about how many guys weve kissed in our lives.. And MAN, was I embarrased! Debbie (the shy introvert one in the group) has had more or less 20 guys... most of them, she got when she was overseas for 2 years, apparantly the guys like chicks with accents there (Note to self: make a plan to have a trip overseas) Juan marie said more than 30.... and then I was way too embarrased to give up my number... Coz its really actually farken sad if you think about it! I have ONLY kissed 4 guys! in my entire 22 years on this shit hole! The girls said that i didnt have to feel bad, coz it was due to the fact that me and Hennie have been together for so long... but still.... I feel like a damn prude! How many have you guys kissed?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Be my Baby.....

Everywhere I go lately, its just damn pregnant ladies!! If they're not pregnant, they have the children in their arms, or in the stroller! Even in Hollywood, its like a new craze going around the farken world!! Dont get me wrong guys, I absolutely adore children... desperately want one of my own... but not right now though. I mean, look at Britney Spears, in the tabloids everyday because she doesnt know what shes doing with her kids, yet shes pregnant again... I mean, nobodies perfect, our mothers dropped us a few times too, but if you're famous, you hafta know your mommy-skills-shit in public ai'ght! LOL. Angelina and Brad, in my opinion, are going overboard with the adopting.... serioussly... Enough is enough! I'd like to have kiddies when I'm 26, I think thats a reasonable age... What do you guys think? If you are even gonna have kids.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I wanna be in the in-crowd

Its all about labelling these days.... Gone are the good 'ol days when all you needed for appreciation was a great personality! GONE!! Now you feel inadequate if you dont have atleast ONE little expensive thing, that you paid through your ass for, and you know you're not even gonna f*$king use that much anyway! Coz you're too scared to use it, for fear of something happening to it, pathetic!!! really pathetic! Levi's, Soviet, True Religion, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Guess... All these things are the ultimate in fashion right now.... most chicks buy knock off's coz they cant afford the real deal... (and actually think they can get away with it, i mean HONESTLY gals!!) Why do you need a material thing to make you feel worthy? Thats just not what life is about! Be true to yourself! What is the most expensive thing you guys have bought and never used, simply to impress somebody?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lifes a Journey....Ry hom in sy MOER in!

I had a hectic time the last 2 weeks... It was Hennie's brothers wedding on Saturday, and all my close friends know that Im a little shy, and paranoid when it comes to these family gatherings, I really dont know why actually, I have this theory that everytime I go somewhere all the people are talking about me, and that the things theyre saying is ALL bad... but I decided this time i was going to go and actually enjoy myself... Ive been reading a book "Battlefield of the Mind" explaining that everything were afraid of, and stress about, is all in the mind, and we control our own minds so we can make the worry go away.. and I tried it, and by GOLLY GAWSH! it worked!! (hehe) You only have one life right, why not enjoy it, live every single day to the absolute maximum! My dad always tells me, that I shouldnt feel bad when people are talking about me, its when the talking stops that I have to start worrying, coz then I'm not important anymore! (Clever man my daddy) So thanks guys! The wedding was great! had a lovely time! Wish you were there!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Im bringing sexy back.

Sex appeal.... Everybody wishes they had it, but not many are confident enough to carry it around with themselves. Many people think that you have to be hot to have "sex appeal" but that is the biggest load of Crikey Ive heard since hearing that Michael Jackson actually thinks he looks hot with his new nose!! And you dont need to have the perfect body for it either. My mommy always taught me, instead of stressing too much over the things that you dont like about yourself, rather focus on the stuff that makes you stand out, soon you'll be looking at yourself in a whole new light! Anyways, why try to fit in when you were born to stand out? I dont like guys with "super" fit bodies, and abs, and huge muscles, other girls do, but thats really not for me. When I look at a guy, the first thing I take notice of, is his eyes... I love a guy who has "deep" eyes... what do you guys look for, when checking out the opposite sex?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cheetah Cheerleader in Training...

Ok Im not gonna lie.... it was a real good game on Saturday, but the Blou Bulletjies still "skop gat" The Cheetahs have had a good season this year, and judging by the looks of it, it seems as though they're only going to get better, I was very disappointed that we had to share the Currie Cup, but hey, atleast we didnt lose. There's nothing better than that great feeling, of watching a rugby game on a Saturday, with all your friends, and having some biltong to snack on, as well as 'n lekka "dop" Im not THAT big of a rugby fan, but I'm starting to enjoy it more, next year I'm gonna be really into the game! Me and Debbie have decided that we are going to be "Blou Bul" supporters.. Mostly coz I like the colour blue and that song Steve Hofmeyer made for them isnt that bad (lol) I have also heard that they are one of the best teams, but in the same breath i was told its only because they steal all the other players off the other teams, nonetheless, I'll support them next year... Do you guys think they're a good team? If not, tell me, and tell me who I should be supporting instead, and why?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Freaky Friday

I love all things freaky! So you can imagine how excited i get when we have a few Friday the 13th's in the year! I like going all out.. one night me, Debs, Hennie, Lizzy and Nel even had a say-outs!! LOL... good times, good times! Anyways, the only problem though, is Hennie does'nt like the whole scary shit thing though, so I have a tough time persuading him to do these things with me. Tonight though, were gonna get a bunch of scary movies, and watch them, whether he wants to or not... (muahahahah - evil laugh) Im a freak I know, but thats why you guys love me! have a great weekend guys! Try to keep the drinking to a minimum, you dont want a killer chasing you while your drunk now do you? hehehe.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

To a Loyal Friend.....

When I needed a friend,
You were right there,
When I was in a time of need,
You offered love and care,
I'm thanking you right now
For always havin' an ear to lend,
I hope our friendship will only grow,
And that well be friends 2 the end!!!

(A Poem for my great friend Gremlin, Thank-You)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What If..............

What if we didnt meet that day?
Would we meet along the way?
Would fate lead us to eachother?
Does destiny want us together?
Would we meet somebody else?
Somebody whose heart also dwells
For the person that they need,
but in finding them couldnt succeed.
What if it wasnt meant to be?
This relationship between you and me,
Would it end with a terrible fate?
And leave us both in a state?
What if this were true?
There was no me and you......?

I wrote this poem for my babes.......

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rock On.......Forever??

Its REALLY scary when you think of it.... All the people that we are so crazy about right now are going to get old, and grey, and wrinkly, and have too much of a bad back to grind away at that microphone / guitar. We sometimes think its impossible, but its only a matter of time people, take Beatles, Beegees, ermmm, who are those surfer dudes... Beach Boys i think, Blondie.... (Strange that all of them start with "B" lol) We laugh at their music now, but a few years ago that music was the "shit" My mom STILL brags about the moves her and my dad had to "Funky Town" and i just giggle when she tells me about it, but in reality, our music is gonna turn out exactly the same way, like in the next 20 years or so, while were driving with our kids in the car, they are really going to mock Gwen Stefani... They are going to think that Christina Aguilera seriously escaped a mental asylum, and dont even get me started on the shit their going to say about the Pussycatdolls! Im willing to take a bet on it, seriously, its going to happen people..... Korn is the new Beegees, heeheehee!

Warning to all Chicks....

Sigh......... Not that this is something that happens everyday, but if it did, damn I wish I was there to witness it! LOL! Im writing this post for a friend of mine that keeps falling for the damn wrong men, I wont mention her name, but Im sure she knows who she is. I know for a fact that there are MANY great guys out there, Im lucky to have hooked one, and i have many great single guy friends, so the excuse that "all the good ones are taken" has worn out on me! She has the tendency to go for all the bad boys, and then she is stupid enough to think that she isnt gonna walk out of the relationship heartbroken and sad... It has happened too many times for her to still make the same damn mistake! WAKE UP girl! I love you, and if you're happy with a guy, I'll be happy with you ---- IF he makes you happy, but if i know for a fact that he is a player that only intends to break your heart, I will not stand by, I will warn you that you are making a mistake, and if you still choose to be with him thats fine, I'll still be your skank, but dont for ONE second expect me to be there when reality hits and you figure out that I was right after all, like all the times before, I will not take your sobbing calls in the middle of the night, I will not soothe your pain and tell you that all men are pigs, and there is nothing wrong with you, and i sure as hell will not come over and watch sad soppy chick movies and cry it out with you over a box of kleenex! Make the right decision from the start, or listen to your friends, who love you and only want the best for you, then none of this shit will happen!....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Heres one for the P1R guys!!

These guys are serious about their cars! And their racing!! Id like to tribute this pic, with lovely Lola dropping the suspension on the car, to them (shes a hottie aint she?) Ive never met somebody as passionate about what they do as these guys, always advertising the web on their msn, and telling anybody they can about the gatherings, the guys i talk to the most, from P1R is Gremlin, Napalm, and Mr.Vee.. Excellent guys! Really great! If youre looking for a good time, just give them a call, theyre ready to go out with you for a "dop" anytime! Also, if you guys have time, check out their website, its phase1racing.co.za , im sure you guys will enjoy it! Theres great competitions and stuff!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Cheating is BAD!

Once a cheater, always a cheater... thats how the saying goes, is it true though? I dunno. I think (no offence to the guys, so chill grems!) that guys do it more often than woman, surveys have shown that. I guess its coz guys mostly cheat as they are after lust, whereas girls do it coz they are truelly inlove with the other person, Woman get their hearts involved too much.. guys are fine with one-night-stands, i dont know how though.. how do you share something, as beautiful as sex with somebody, and just completely forget about them the next day. I know many girls are also guilty when it comes to this, but hey, im a girl dammit, im trying to stand up for my sex here! LOL! Do you guys think, you could trust your girlfriend / boyfriend once they have cheated, or do you think its a lost cause?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Riding in cars with Girls....

Few people can say they're still in contact with Friends from their high-schools, so I'm very proud to say that I still have some of my BEST friends from primary school... That really is an accomplishment... Well, to me anyway! Its so funny though, coz, now were all grown up, and were driving... all of us.... and its so scary, coz u played barbies with these girls, and you saw how they crashed their barbie jeeps all over the place... now ur expected to feel safe in a "REAL" car with them.... The person i feel the safest with is Danelle... probably coz shes had her license the longest.. and shes a "safety freak" Im not even gonna start with Debs and Juan, Debbie gives praying a new name! I think the only reason she even got her license is coz she cried, and the guy felt sorry for her, and she thinks that too, so! Apart from Hennie, Tash is the one who taught me to drive, so I'll thank her for that, and for earning me the nick "SpeedQueen" and I aint talkin' bout the washing machine! hehe! Tash and me have the same driving skills I think? Not sure, but both of us learned on dirt road, while camping! While the men were fishing, Sam and Tash were driving the Sh*t outta the cars! Ah well.... Good times...

Monday, October 02, 2006

This is me, and im Beautiful!!

Acceptance... something everybody needs.. but why? Why cant we be happy with ourselves just as we are, and not care if others like us or not? Most people in Hollywood are Fugly.. but they take characteristics that make them feel pretty and use it in full.. sure, nobody is perfect, not even in Hollywood where plastic surgery is as common as bread and butter on the table. Instead of trying to notice all your flaws, next time youre sitting in front of the mirror, look for the things that compliment you, and WORK it. Soon the confidence will start glooming from you, and you'll feel like a babe/stud in no time, and then all those critics can go F**k themselves. Why try to fit IN, when you were born to stand OUT!?!?!