Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I hate admitting this, but I can relate to most of the things on Postsecret... and I am guilty of them too! This is another picture I got off their site that just made me think of myself! I am addicted to my phone, its glued to my hand 24/7. I was bad with normal sms's, but then some idiot decided to invent Mxit.... (No youre not an idiot!!! I love you I love you) At the start I was on it till early mornings, where I'd only get into bed at 1 or 2 in the morning after chatting to all my friends.... and when I had to go bath, the phone would go with, even a quick visit to the loo gets accompanied by my phone friend..... Even when I'm visiting with my REAL friends, I prefer chatting to my mxit friends, or sometimes I even chat to the friends that are actually visiting with me (like sitting in the same room) on mxit, instead of talking to them like a normal person would!? Initially I thought, like all other things this was only going to last a month or so.... but boy was I wrong... Ive had it almost 6 months now, and STILL cant get enough of it, and when the Mxit service has technical problems I want to chew my knuckles!! Why? When I had been living without it for so long and been fine? Am I crazy? Am I addicted? Do they have rehab for people like me?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Harry Can Pot Me.........

MAN!! They really DO grow up fast dont they! I could not believe my eyes when I saw these pics of Daniel Radcliffe, hes such a hottie!! Just shows you what happens if you take off those round little glasses and that school uniform... wonder if there are any little boys like that near here... OMG! Did I just say that out loud! lol!!!!! teehee.... I hope he looks this hot in the next Harry Potter, coz then I am DEFINATELY watching it... 5 times... no.... 6... Oh Ill see how much money I have left after all my payments and whatnot... sigh...=)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Ive Been Tagged....

Ive been tagged by Arlene;
Rules: Each player starts off with 10 weird things / little known facts about themselves, and this rule MUST be stated in blog. Thereafter, 6 other people must be tagged, here goes;

1. Whenever I get onto/into an airplane, I have to turn around in a full circle, as I believe this gives me good luck....crazy right? lol.
2. I absolutely HATE my smile! Above picture explains why...
3. When I hear a song that I REALLY like, I usually buy the cd, and listen that same song up to 15 times a day, to learn the words, so the next time it comes on the radio I can sing along.
4. When receiving gifts, I prefer getting small cheap gifts in large quantities, rather than 1 decent expensive gift ( Im like a little child)
5. I always wash my toothbrush off before brushing my teeth again, for fear that somebody else used it!!
6. My hair has been atLEAST 5 different colours, but I prefer blonde the most.
7. I have a huge fear that the end of the world is going to be because of a tidal wave...
8. I'm not a sissy, I dont scare easily, but I have an abnormal fear of beetles... especially when Im lying in my bed at night, and they fly against my walls and roof!!
9. According to my friends I have 6 different types of laughs, of which my mom says one sounds like a horse...... ouch...
10. I love eating ice cubes.... I think its because my mom ate that when she was pregnant with me, it was her craving.

The 6 people Im tagging is; Grem, Lee, Stiffla,Phlippy, Pms, and Lordwiggly..... Enjoy.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sisterly Love......

This crazy looking chickita pictured above is none other than my booh.... The middle sister - Im the youngest. As most of the people that know me knows, I love both my sisters TOO MUCH, and they mean the world to me, and I hate having fights with them.... that doesnt mean we dont fight however... Me and booh were spending some quality time together yesterday, and then she piped up how mad she was at me, for not wanting her to be my "Maid of Honour" at my wedding, (When that eventually happens) See, when we were younger, we always promised eachother that wed be the maid of honour at either ones weddings.... even when we played barbies with our friends, and one of us got married... that was always the case... but sadly, as happens in most cases, people grow up, and in most cases their opinions differ in most things... when we were younger we were almost like twins, and she was my best friend.. and we always tried to look the same.... but I think that stopped when she started experimenting so much with her I love her for her individuality, but the thing is, as "loud" as her hair looks, multiply her personality tenfold.... Shes a wild child... And I guess, I always pictured my wedding as a kind of fairytale, I want everything perfect... Not included in those dreams, was a loud, wild (like i know her, probably tipsy from wine while walking down the aisle with me) punk chick... and she'd probably flirt with all the hot guys while walking down the aisle too... And I know I must sound really self centred for saying this, but my wedding is MY day..... I dont want to share it with somebody who'll pinch me on the ass while saying my vows (and she WILL do that!!) It just hurts coz I love her so much, and I reaaaaaaly want her there next to me... Ive learnt so much from her.... What do you guys think? Should I risk it?

Monday, February 19, 2007


What the different types of kisses mean;

On the belly – Lets have sex
On the forehead – Forever you’ll be mine
On the ear – I’m horny
On the cheek – Were friends
On the hand – I adore you
On the neck – We belong together
On the shoulder – I want you
On the lips – I love you / I want you

Happy kissing guys!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not Worth It....

Whatever!!!!! Almost nothing is actually worth it in the end! No matter what anybody says!! Like when you just broke up with your boyfriend, coz you think hes never gonna change... Dont for one second tell me that after you've left him you stop thinking about him completely, nuhuh, 10 years down the line youre still gonna catch yourself thinking.. "I wonder how he turned out" even though you already have 3 kids, and a husband that adores you, you'll STILL think about that guy! Not even mentioning all the pain you had to go through to forget him. So dont ever fool yourself with a silly line like this, dont worry about the end, worry about right now! and what THATS worth to you!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Its Started....

Well, there are only 2 days left for Valentines day, and nobody at my work knew this up untill today, so there is major panic going on here... What to buy? Where to go for dinner? What lingerie to purchase for that seductive night! I have realised now, that it really is all about money.... nothing else.... I apologise for being stupid enough to think that there mightve been a bit of good left in it.... Coz if you really need to show your love to that special "somebody" you dont have to go ALL out! Its the littlest things that count! Try not to waste too much money on it this year guys!

Friday, February 09, 2007

So Hot Right Now......

So apparantly its not cool to carry your pets around in your handbags anymore, as demonstrated to us a while ago by her Royal Stupidness "Paris Hilton" Yip, the newest place to carry your furry lil friends around in now, seems to be your bra, too bad Paris didnt come up with it first though, coz its getting ALOT of attention... seems shes losing her touch... and not only her panties... as usual...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Always Have Protection!

When Mommy said "always use protection" I dont think this is what she meant!! But I gotta give it to these chicks, they know how to design, could get contracts for Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana! teehee! Guys, get your chick one of these dresses, it'll avoid that ring in your wallet that a condom tends to make that spells out "Desperate" and "i havent been laid for so long theres a ring in my wallet" haha! Wonder if these girls are virgins!? BWHAHAHAHA! Ok I didnt take my medication today, gonna shut it before I say something stupid. Out.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Are Friends For......

Yeah, coz when you actually think about it "what are friends for?" Me personally, I'd be a little miff with a friend if he did that, but only for a little while, coz in the long run, its these kinda things that make the good memories.... How boring would life be if you never had any embarasing moments with friends? It would be D-U-L-L... So heres my chance to thank my friends; Thank you for not telling me that the toilet paper was stuck on my shoe untill I got onto the dancefloor that one time, Thank you for laughing "with" me, and not "at" me whenever I do something totally silly! Thank you for only telling me I have lipstick on my teeth, after I have spoken to a really cute guy and given him my best colgate smile... thank you... for making my memories fond ones, and ones I can look back at, and laugh my ass off at! Whats the worst thing your friends have ever let happen to you?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Some guys are just such assholes.... I mean, what in the world gives you the right to go to the cinema complex that you and me always wathced movies together to?, rather drive like 100km's out to the next one, and who do you think you are by going to the grocery shop that youve been going to for the last 10 years, what AUDACITY do you have to actually be there when I am there doing MY shopping!!! What kind of jerk are you! Have you no dignity!?!?!... Lol. Some girls need to get over themselves.... REALLY...

(For those of you who really have NO brain at all, I was using a thing called SARCASM...)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Love Is Almost In The Air...

Just a few more days for valentines day... I know many people hate this day, and feel that its overrated and mostly just for advertising purposes, I agree on a 50% basis, why do you need ONE day to show the person you love how much you love them? why not everyday?? But then again, its nice to have that ONE day a year to get spoilt extra rotten! Good luck to all the single peeps out there! And good luck to all the cassanovas and babes who are gonna have a trail of stalkers on their cases, time to get out those restraining orders again! hope you make it through!! Always remember;

"I love you" is an 8 letter phrase, but then again... so is "Bullshit"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Baby = Publicity/Joy

I have no problem with celebrities adopting babies from Africa, I mean, theyre helping out alot with the poverty and sh!t thats going on in this country, but I cant help but question their motives... I mean, they barely have enough time to look after their own kids, with their hectic schedules and whatnot? Angelina Jolie has always been weird, so I wouldnt even put it past her to do something like that, but now, all of sudden all of them are following? So Madge knows shes getting a bit old, and her "has been" status is approaching, and like it wasnt enough for her to make those freakishly gross music videos with those leotards or whatever the hell she calls them (I dont know how men think thats hot) I admit the woman looks good for her age, but still...I'm sure most of this is for publicity. I cant think of any other reason. Even the adopted babies are just handed down to the nannies anyway, so what the fook? I appreciate that they are helping the kids, giving them better lives and futures, but I cant help but wonder if its for the right reasons.... Maybe its just me...