Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I think I found Nemo.....

Tastes like chicken, Smells like fish......heeheehee

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Houston, we HAVE a problem...

Yeah, we had a bit of a problem over the weekend... My weekend was great, we had our annual "cook-off" on Sunday.. well, it was gonna be a cook-off, until somebody mentioned that it was "National Braai Day" So then all the "gourmet" meals were set aside, and us girls rushed to the shops to get some lekka meat for the braai. We had a bit of a problem though, it was going to be held at my place, and my place is under construction, busy building a new braai, and entertainment area... so the braai was "out of order" No problem though, our boyfriends came up with a very clever almost "brakpan - benoni'ish" idea. We cleaned out one of the wheelbarrows used by the builders, and put a huge grid over it.. and VOILA ! a braai built for a king! (not quite!) The girls were very worried, as it seemed unhygienic, but the guys assured us they cleaned it, and that once they started the fire it would burn the germs anyway.. needless to say it tasted great! Compliments to the chefs, Hennie, Chris and Tyrone.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Music To Your Soul

Music is everywhere you go... I personally think its a vital part of our lives. Every event in life needs music. When you go to a wedding, theres music in the church, and when you leave the church, theres music by the reception, music that almost tells a story about the couples life together "our song" when u go to your matric dance/prom, there has to be good music, at any club the music should be good, and suit the people that are there, otherwise they WILL be leaving. You get "mood" music. I know when I've had a bad day, I enjoy going home, and putting on real loud music! When i was in school i was addicted to Limp Bizkit, and I'd sing along to the vulgar swearing, and just get all the anger out of my system!! Or if you simply wanna relax you can put on some "enya"Then you get your "chick" music, thats when you and the girls go out.. Play it at full volume in your car just to get the mood set! I love Gwen Stefani for that.. and Avril also has a few nice ones. Then offcourse you get your "sad" music, this is the music that usually gets played by a chick thats just had a baaaaad break up, also found in her room with be a huge pile off tissues, and some mascara on the pillow from all the crying.. The last music Im gonna talk about is "love" music, my personal favourite... this is for all the people out there that cant get enough of eachother, everytime a nice song comes on the radio, they text their lovers, and send a dedication.. or while making love you play that "special" song, just to set the mood.. with the candles and everything.. Everything would be soooo boring without music, really, it would. I wanna thank all the musicians out there for making life a bit more interesting... thanks guys!!

"Music is'nt just learning notes and playing them, you learn notes to play to the music of your soul"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Every Mans Dream

Yeah, I bet all the guys wish they had one of these 'lil babies! Imagine life being THAT easy? Theres a new movie out now with Adam Sandler now, with a remote that controll's time, but I'm sure guys would prefer this one. Im sure the buttons that would be used most, would be "sex" and the "+" above Boobs would'nt even show anymore, as it wouldve faded away... hehe, I'd appreciate it if my guy would press the "shop" button, I wouldnt have a problem with that. In my opinion PMS is overrated, girls dont get bitchy when they have pms, its when guys annoy them, but hey, thats just my personal opinion. What buttons would you guys like added on here? I see the inventor forgot to add "Endless supply of ps2 games"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Times

Had a great time this weekend, me and Hennie had a visit on Friday, and as all my good friends know we are back together, afterwards we had a nice visit with Tasha and Chris at my place, Saturday we had a braai at Tasha's place, and it was great!! Whilst sitting, talking the biggest load of shit with Tash, I realised something.. Having a good time doesnt mean going to a great place, or hanging out with trendy people, or whatever other cliche thing youd think youd have to do to have fun. Having a good time to me, is being with the people that I care so much about, and love dearly, even if its in the worst place, as long as my friends are there with me. Thats what sets the atmoshpere! Your friends. I got a bit tipsy on my Grunberger again as usual, and Tash told me a few times that I'm annoying when im drunk (hehehe - mwah) but shes LOUD, so I dont give a damn! everybody has their habits when intoxicated! Thanks for the great time guys! Love you all! Hennie, Tash, Juan, Debs, Chris, Bartec, James, Liam, Anthony, Nicky, u guys arent bad! Peace out! (hehehe)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dear Mr. President....

Dear Mr. President, come take a walk with me, Lets pretend were just 2 people, and youre not better than me. I'd like to ask you some questions, if we can speak honestly, what do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street, who do you pray for at night before you got to sleep? what do you feel when you look in the mirror? are you proud?
Dear Mr. President, were you a lonely boy, are you a lonely boy? how can you say "no child is left behind" were not dumb and were not blind, they're all sitting in your cells! while you pave the road to hell! what kind of father would take his own daughters rights away? and what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay? i can only imagine what the first lady has to say ... you've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine. let me tell you 'bout hard work, minimum wage with a baby on the way, let me tell you 'bout hard work, rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away, let me tell you 'bout hard work, building a bed out of a box! hard work! hard work! hard work! how do you sleep at night? how do you walk with your head held high?
Dear Mr. President, you'd never take a walk with me, would you?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Love changes everything

Its the oldest story in the book...Guy meets girl, girl likes guy, girl sleeps with guy, guy leaves girl. It has happened to a few guys too (probably, i wouldnt really know) but im a chick, and im talking from the chick's perspective. Nothing against the good guys out there, i know alot of them, but for the guys that use and abuse!! what the f**k is up with that. Why do guys have to do that to a girl to feel better about themselves? I honestly think that its the saddest, sickest thing to do.. It just show you what kind of man you are.. but the wheel does turn, and it will come back to them (I hope and pray) Im lucky that it hasnt happened to me yet, but to all the girls out there, what doesnt break you, only makes you stronger, viva revenge of the scorned X!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Its true though? If you think about it like that, alcohol really is bad, no good comes from it! Sure, you get drunk for a little while, and you imagine your one of the power puff girls, or maybe even Superman, but when that little "high" is gone its all downhill my friend.. Alcohol has wrecked many friendships, im sure of that. Coz what happens when you get drunk??? Oh yes, the truth comes out!! Scenario : "Jessie, you know i love you, and youre my best friend, and you and Matthew are getting married next month, well i slept with him, is that crazzzy or what?? heeheehee!!".... *SLAP* friendship over. And what about the morning after, and babelas?? Bad bad bad! I like getting a bit tipsy every once in a while, but i wish they could invent something better than KGB for the hangovers, and something for all the little secrets coming out too! Any ideas guys?

Pink Freak

Oh my GOSH!!! I just hafta get one of these, anybody who knows me knows i absolutely go crazy about ANYTHING pink!! And when one of my friends emailed me these, i almost went off my head. If you know me well enough, u know i HATE playstation aswell, as it caused most of the fights in my relationship (boys will be boys) but for this, i hafta make an exception. These ones arent in South Africa yet though, but im begging u guys, as soon as you see them advertised, or on display somewhere, give me a call and let me know ok! Cant wait for it!

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Tribute to our Heroes

Its been 5 years since all of us were glued to our tellies, watching in horror as plains crashed into the world trade centres.. and they kept playing the images over and over, and each time the same sickening cold feeling went through my spine. I was in standard 9 when it happened, I can still remember all the hysteria at school the following day, after everybody had seen it. It still feels like a fresh wound when you talk about it, it doesnt feel like its been 5 years at all. I dedicate this to all the fire fighters, all the ppl on the planes, and all the ppl who did whatever they could, to help, and especially the families.. who have been left behind, with nothing but grief, remorse, and a questioning to what has happened to the world! 9/11 will never be forgotten! Neither the ppl who died on that day.. They will always be with us, in our hearts..

Friday, September 08, 2006

Me, Myself and I

Hi, Im Sam, im 22.. I'm a claustrophobic... alcoholic (on some occasions) bitchy (when aggitated) and just plain weird! But you know what..Im cool with it! Im so tired op people complaining about things that they dont like about themselves.. Get over it! So your ass is big, Deal with it! I wish i had bigger boobs (Why, so you could start complaining about something else, like say, back problems) Im not saying that i dont have a few things of myself that I'd want changed, but im happy and content with what i have, I have many friends who love me just the way I am! Warts and all, Why try be something that youre not.. Look at Owen Wilson for instance, ppl love him, and have you seen that guys nose!! It has more curves than a track on Gran Turismo!! I say every little fault on your body should be used to your advantage, make it your trademark! Even if it is in your personality, if they dont accept you, f*ck 'em! We were made to be the way we are for a reason, why pay the earth, to look the same as somebody else!! Be original! Be yourself!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Crikey Mate, Keep Filming!!

Id really be lying if i said i was surprised when i heard that the Croc' hunter was dead, truthfully all of us were expecting it!! It was just a matter of when and how? I loved the guy, and i am sad that he died, coz he was such a beautiful person. We were in Durbs when we heard he was killed, and then we switched to sky news to see if they were talking about it, and they were. I think it was his father who they interviewed, who spoke very highly of him. 5fm reported that after he had been stung by the ray, he told his crew to keep filming!! Obviously they had to oblige. This is kinda my tribute to Croc man! I wish i could be as daring as him, and love my job as much as he did, as his father was reported saying, "he was passionate about his job, and he died doing something that he loved!" Rest in peace mate.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Home Sweet Home

There really, truly, is no place like home. went to my cousin's wedding this weekend, the only thing i like about travelling is seeing my family again, as all of them live in durbs!! We are a real close family! Anyways, the wedding was great! The hall was done up beautifully! had a really fantastic weekend, though, it all got messed up on monday when we had to go back, we got at the airport roundabout 15:30, as our flight left at 16:30, my couz Louis dropped us, and said goodbye outside, only to realize once we got inside that our flight was delayed till 18:40. Now i know what the poor fella in "the terminal" felt like! we did however receive R 300-00 off our next Kulula flight, and a R 40-00 voucher to get a bite from Spur while we waited for our flight. Anyways, after waiting loooooong for the flight, and making Hennie bankrupt, by buying something from every little stall inside the airport (hehehe) we finally got onto the plane, oh, and then we still got a free Lipton Iced Tea on the plane. The flight was ok, i just wanted to get home though, we landed safely just after 20:00, and then we headed off to get our luggage, only to be told that the luggage was on another flight, and we had to wait, so then we had to wait another 45 minutes!!! and by then all Hennie's money was finished!! hehe! All in all it was a lekka weekend! will be flying again soon though, as the R300-00 voucher that i received expires in 3 months!! Oh, and did you guys hear that Steve Irvin, the crocodile hunter died...hectic...ok, LATA!! much love!