Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our God Is An Awesome God...........

Guys.......... I have just gotten back from one the most beautiful camps ever. Well okay I haven't JUST gotten back, I got back on Sunday already, and its Tuesday now........ so 2 days ago....... okay, TWO DAYS AGO......... but the smell of the wildlife and fresh earth is still deep in these 'ol nostriltjies.

Holidays like these always make me feel THAT much closer to God........ when you are out in the open, under a blanket of the brightest stars...... and when you are so close to the animals you can touch them! And on mountain tops where you feel like you can see the whole world........... well, you know what I mean, most of it!

Our weather was a bit chilly, but that didn't take away from this trip at ALL ( I actually prefer cold weather, so I was happy all round!)
I love making new memories, no matter what kind they are. The kind made this weekend was of monkeys running into friends chalets and stealing all the edibles in there!!! Hahahahahahaha! Of nice crisp evenings spent with wine and heart to heart talks......... Of game drives that went on for hours, and I felt like it still could have been longer, of talks with special people around bonfires, and obviously of quality time with my Husband, in one of our favourite type of places.

We also had a squirrel that visited us, and ate an apple on our deck, as well as a little "Klip-Springer Bokkie" who later decided to jump onto the roof! And nobody believing the kids when they said it did! Also eating apples, and two bigger buck also visiting, and eating the caretakers dishcloths. I love and cherish moments like these, and thank God for such amazing opportunities.

Oh well, theres my little diary scribble of that.........