Monday, March 26, 2007

You reached yours?

I still remember sitting in my classroom, I was in Grade 8 and my teacher (always trying to act like she loved being there, but if you looked deeper you could see she wanted to slap the living shit outta everyone of her students) anyways, she was busy explaining an essay we had to do, the topic was "Where do I see myself in 10 years?" So it was 1998 when I was writing that, 9 years ago. I remember writing that I wouldve wanted to start a family already, been a glorified mommy... I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to have signed a contract with a famous label (Hey, dont laugh! I sound real good in the shower!!) But here I am... 9 years later, and I havent achieved any of those things yet.. Back then I was eager to have children, but now I just dont think I'm emotionally ready for it... decided that I wanted to start when I turn 26. Strange how ones perceptions can change as they grow older... Those were my dreams... so if I havent reached them yet... does it mean my life is unfulfilled?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

*Friends Only*

Most of you guys know that I have a boyfriend, and that this year, in August, we will have been together for 10 years. Sure we had a few ups and downs, went on breaks, didnt see eachother for a while, but each time we found ourselves running back to eachother (which is obvious though, coz i love my angel, and cant imagine a life without him) There have been numerous occasions, where ppl ask, how long have you been together, and when I tell them they nearly die of a heart attack, as we are still so young, and started going out when we were 13. Some of my girlfriends dont know HOW i do it.... (Actually a specific girlfriend that needs to have a new boyfriend atleast every 2 months) She doesnt understand how we arent tired of eachother.. simple really.... LoVe .... Anyway, we decided to have fun the other day, and to put our details onto a dating website, (probably also coz some other bloggers are doing it) just to see how many responses we'd get, I did state on mine that I was only looking for friends though, and the pic above is the picture that is advertised for my profile. I was amazed at how many guys wanted to meet me, girls even! I didnt think I still had it! But I guess after such a long period with one guy, the compliments do tend to fade away... but the love always stays strong. You guys should try this, it really is a self-esteem-booster. Go get a subscription at you wont regret it! Even if its just for friends, lotsa great ppl on there!

Monday, March 19, 2007

War is such a Waste....

I had the most horrific dream last night! Dreamt that the war had started in South-Africa. People were being killed left, right and centre! For no reason whatsoever! Men, Mothers and children! I think the reason it petrified me so much is because its reality! That IS whats happening in our world!.... I dont know what has become of us... I really dont know...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Beauty at your doorstep...

Went camping again this weekend... Feel soooo refreshed! Nothing better than pitching a tent up next to a nice river, watching sunrise and sunset, chilling with your friends over a bottle of red wine and being close to Mother Nature. Me, Tash and the guys always go camping together, were camping buddies. We try to do it once a month, just to breakaway, Im sure with these beautiful pics you guys can understand why. The men however, love going so they can "attempt" to catch some fish. LOL. Boys and their toys.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Qualified Bitch......

What makes a girl a bitch? I know for a fact that I am NOT a bitch.. Im one of the friendliest ppl that'll ever cross your path, but everytime I go out with my girlfriends to clubs, I get stereotyped as the "bitch" Is it coz im not as eager to get into the guys pants as all the other chicks there? Is it coz im simply not amused by a guy that can down a whole beer in 2.4 seconds? Or is it because I dont play dumb so you dont get intimidated? I dont get it? Guys want strong independant girls, but theres a catch - JUST AS THEIR WIVES! before that the girl can be anything... afterwards though, shes not good enough. but if your like I am... then you get dissed for thinking you're better than everybody else? Because you have MORALS? I dont get it... What do guys actually want when they go out and meet new girls? Please tell me? Please?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

F*&k You All!!

I dont care what anybody else says about Kelly Osbourne! I love the bitch. Yeah shes rude, and shes not very ladylike, but she says whats on her mind, shes not as pretencious as HALF the people in Hollywood... What you see is what you get.... I wish I could be like that more... Anyway, I had no idea what to blog about.... so, this is what you get when boredom sets in. lol.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rest In Peace

I am SO disgusted in South Africa right now.... The crime is getting F*&cking ridiculous yet they say that numbers are decreasing!!! If that is true, please... PLEASE tell me why this beautiful little angel on the left here is no longer with us.... Tell me why her mommy and daddy are crying endless tears, and that nothing that anybody says is going to make it better!! Please, Id love to know! What did a 7 year old girl do to deserve this...... How could she have known that that Sunday in the park was going to be the last one? When I heard that they had found her body on the news this morning, I almost got SICK!! And it was the guy that they questioned a day after she went disappearing... They HAD him!! and they let him get away!! I dont love my country anymore.... I really dont..

To Sheldean's mommy and daddy.... Our thoughts and prayers are with you.. Know that your little angel is in a good place now and out of the hands of that monster. Be strong.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Life Is Great.....

"It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them"
-Anne Christie-

How many of us actually appreciate what we have in life? I know that sometimes I can be really unthankfull for some of the stuff I have that other people would give an arm and leg for.... Material things are nothing... Its the people that cross our paths each day that we should be thankful for... And Im writing this post to thank all of them, even the ones on blogger, you may not know this, but your blogs touch people in strange ways (dont be perverse now!!) Im just in a extra good mood today, felt like sharing the happiness. The pic above is of me and my man on our December holiday being silly as always.... Id like to thank him the most... for being the smile that crosses my face each day....*mwah* Have a great week guys!!