Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Would You Still Love Me?......

Times have changed alot....but I'm sure I dont have to tell you guys that. Nothing is what it used to be, especially sex. It used to be something sacred, but now, its like a hobby?? Usually, you would learn to know the person, THEN you would have sex, after you felt like you could truelly trust the person, and he/she meant that much to you, NOW you want to have sex first, to find out if its worth getting to know the person? Which in my opinion is sooo wrong! Offcourse the sex isnt going to be good if you guys have only known eachother for ONE damn night!!! theres no feelings/passion in it! its just a shag! What are your views on it? Do you think its ok to sleep around? And if the girl/guy you were sleeping with, would you leave them coz they were bad at it, or would you work at it, coz they had a real nice personality?
(Pic taken from PostSecret)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Life Without Friends....

There are times in ones life, when you really sit back, think of what you have in life, and truelly appreciate it, this weekend was one such time for me. Me and my friends visit alot, but this weekend was really nice, and we had such a great time. The men had a lekka "braai" while the girls caught up on gossip. Later on all of us got into the jacuzzi, and played some drinking games, however, Tasha had to go to the bathroom, and when she got out, she slipped and fell, and bumped her head really hard!!! Being the great, caring and considerate friend that I am, I nearly pissed myself laughing! Because she also laughed at first, but then she realized what happened, and started crying! But I still couldnt get it the whole picture out of my head, and while all the other girls were fussing over her, I couldnt stop laughing, I REALLY honestly couldnt.... and I felt so bad, coz me and her have been friends the longest.....and I was the one laughing. But she did forgive me....luckily! I love you Tash! Hope your ok koeks!!! Mwah Mwah!! (Still giggling)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bite Me!!

Summer is great, I love it, nothing better than having the sun shine down on your bare shoulders, absorbing the heat, lazin around by the pool, chilling with your friends.... But then night time comes..... First of all, its so damn hot you cant sleep, even if you take the covers off, its just too hot! But when you get lucky enough, and you eventually do fall asleep, it comes... you hear it.... first its a faint little sound... but then you can hear it sneaking up on you zzzzzzZZZZZ! Damn mosquitos!! You attempt to whack the little bugger, but to no avail. I always end up hitting myself in the face a few times. And then the next morning you wake up, and your whole body is covered in mozzie bites, and these little pests dont seem to have any feelings whatsoever, cause they always seem to bite you in the most ridiculous uncomfortable places! They dont care!! Between your toes, on your arms...WHEREVER!!! I hate lathering myself with "peacefull sleep" every night... but you have to! Dont you guys just hate it!!! Sigh....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good time to stop smoking....

(The ceiling in the area for smokers.....Hilarious)

I actually laughed when I read about the new laws for smoking... Its pathetic. Honestly. So now you wont be allowed to smoke in your OWN home, because it may be hazardous to your domestic worker, oh, and you cant smoke outside either, as it can be bad for the ppl walking past you... Poor innocent pedestrians ya'know. But they still allow people to drink, in their homes, and in public places, and then those people go out and get into their cars and kill MILLIONS!! Thats awesome. I'm just glad I've stopped smoking, dont have to put up with this shit, but if I was still a smoker, I would NOT have taken it lying down!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

My Guardian Angel...

Yeah, so this was an ABSOLUTELTY sh!t weekend.... well, up untill Saturday night / Early Sunday morning that is. We were visiting by Tash, actually by her cousin, having a braai, really having a good time. But roundabout 23:30 Hennie had to drag me out there, coz I had too much wine. Meanwhile, my sister and one of my other friends had been phoning me the whole night as they were out clubbing, and they wanted me to come join them, and I kept saying no coz Hennie hates the whole club thing, but when we left by Tash I asked Hennie real nice if we could go join them "NO" he said abrubtly.... "Youre drunk anyway, and you cant even keep your eyes open, you were fast asleep a few minutes ago" I have noticed that when I get drunk, I am very brave, so I got all bitchy and naggy and "We always do what you wanna do!!" and he finally gave in. We got to the club, and when we got to the entrance the bouncer said sorry, I could go in, but Hennie couldnt, as he was wearing three quarter denims, and slops that he wore to the braai (nothing wrong with them, he looked much better than most of the ppl that they allow in there!!) the bouncer said I could go in though...yeah whatever, like I was gonna go in without my man... But I have to admit i was pissed, coz i knew Hennie was SO happy that he couldnt go in there...I phoned my sis and told her we couldnt get in, so they came out, tried to negotiate with the bouncer to let Hennie in, but he couldnt. He would get into trouble, blah blah blah. So my sis walked back with me to our car, and she begged me to stay, and i kept telling her to go back, and that I wasnt going without Hennie, after about 15 minutes of nagging her she finally went back in, trying to play on my feelings though, coz she had started crying! So me and Hennie got in the car and drove back.....while we were driving, Hennie had his hand on my leg, and I was busy sending Tash a sms, and suddenly I just felt a bang on the car, and it started speeding forward, making the most horrible sound I have ever heard in my life, the tyres were screeching, I just heard Hennie scream something, I cant even remember what he had said, but by the tone in his voice I knew that it wasnt good.... He grabbed the steering wheel and tried to get the car straight, and he tried the brakes, but nothing wanted to work! the car went out of control, and we headed straight for the ditch....I pushed myself back in the seat, because I wasnt wearing a seatbelt, and Hennie was trying to use his body to shield over mine... I could only mumble out the words "baby......baby" and a faint shriek.....and finally it stopped....all the while I was just waiting to die....I knew I was going to die....no question... even when the car finally stopped, I wondered if I was dead.... and why it felt the same as being alive? when suddenly I heard Hennie asking if i was ok... I just started crying! I felt like it was all my damn fault, coz i wanted to go there in the first place!! Apparantly, a guy drove into us, and when their car finally stopped after hitting into the barriers, the guy got out of the car, and tried to run away, as he was PISS drunk!!! Go figure! He told his wife to get in behind the steering wheel and act like she was driving, luckily, one of the witnesses was an off duty cop, and he saw the whole thing. It was a bad experience, but it has brought me and Hennie much closer, now I know when he says "I would die for you" he actually means it.....because he almost did....

Friday, January 19, 2007

I Want To Play A Game.....

Ohhhh HELL no mofo!!! .......That's what I'd like to tell him if he told me THOSE words... if only you could hey, but its not like you actually have a choice. Jigsaw's back.... I'm not gonna spoil the movie for those of you who havent had the chance of watching it yet, but if you still havent watched it coz you're doubting if its good or not, I'm encouraging you to get your asses to the cinemas as soon as humanly possible. This is the first time in MY life, that I've watched a trilogy, that was just as good, if not, better than the first movie, and the sequel was great aswell. I really didnt think they'd be able to do it again, but they did, you sit on the edge of your seat through the entire movie, and there is ANOTHER twist in the end of the movie.... Great stuff. Go see it guys!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good To Be Back.....

Welcome to 2007 guys!! Sorry I havent been able to do a proper blog, only got back to work on the 12th. Had a great holiday, very relaxed and ready for the new year, I'm very excited about this year too, coz "7" is my lucky number.... so lets hope it lives up to that... teehee... Missed all of you alot, I think thats the main reason I couldnt wait to get back to work... so just know that all of you are loved... As Grem hasnt blogged about it yet, I just wanna let you guys know that the poor idiot almost lost his finger yesterday.... so send some sympathy cards, sure money would also be welcome. lol. Anyway... have a great one guys!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Do or die, You'll never make me;
Because the world, will never take my heart;
Go and try, You'll never break me!!
We want it all, we want to play this part;
I wont explain, or say I'm sorry;
I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar;
Give a cheer, for all the broken;
Listen here, because its who we are;